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Extract Bottom-Line Gains from Warehousing & Distribution in Pharma


During these COVID times, the Pharma industry is both blessed and cursed with increased market demand, disturbed supply chains & uncertain employee attendance!

In the Pharmaceutical Industry, Warehousing, Logistics, and Distribution have not received the same kind of attention & focus that manufacturing has, thanks to regulatory compliances required in manufacturing. Consequently, there are opportunities to reduce expiry losses, to significantly reduce inventories & yet improve delivery performance & regain sales lost to the competition!

During this webinar we will share low-cost & no cost approaches that enable CXO’s to drive KAIZEN™ and Operational Excellence in Warehouse & Logistics across the entire Distribution chain, duly illustrated by practical Case Studies.

– Principles of KAIZEN™ & Operational Excellence
– What are the properties of a world class distribution system?
– Why does local Pharma distribution need to adopt Lean practices?
– Impact of Pull Planning based Distribution on bottom-line
– Leveraging a people based, process focused, digitally enabled system to sustain the gains
– Role of CxO’s to drive Excellence

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