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Teaming up with Warehousing Robotics


Existing warehouse systems, processes and technologies were built for the old world – before the current eCommerce explosion and labor shortages. These are not fit for purpose anymore.

A dramatic shift is required to speed up fulfilment and scale to meet customer demands. That is where warehouse robotics come in and with peak retail season fast approaching, the time to do it is now!

Join us for this Reuters Events Webinar where we will be discussing how retailers, manufacturers and distributors can rapidly match the exponential increase in demand by exploring specific automation developments in fulfilment operations.

• Enhance your workforce productivity: Find out how collaborative robotics and automation can augment your workforce and enhance the employee experience, to maximise efficiency, increase time for value-add practices, and support business continuity.

• Sustainable scalability: Learn how your business can best manage historical and unpredictable peaks in demand and inventory management, through strategic investments in automation that can enhance operational flexibility in a sustainably cost-effective manner.

• Overcoming transformation challenges: Discuss the difficulties businesses face on the path to automation, such as data management and system integration, and how best to overcome these to meet customer expectations for faster and more accurate fulfilment.

Industry leading speakers:
– John Santagate, Vice President, Robotics – Koerber Supply Chain
– Chris Christiansen, Outbound Manager – evo
– Dave Pacquin, Director, Industrial Segment – Locus Robotics
– Theron Neese, Chief Supply Chain Officer – Integrated Supply Network

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